21 Jan '17, 2pm

@Rio_Kamishiro ЕЩЁ КРУЧЕ)))))))))))))))

@Rio_Kamishiro ЕЩЁ КРУЧЕ)))))))))))))))

I***tem Name: Seal Pup Print In Summer Short Sleeve Dress ***Material: Thicken polyester ***Composed of: You can buy the dress only ***Pre-order price:21.99USD the dress *** After Pre-order price: 37.99USD the dress **** Process time:ready in stock, need 25-35 work days, then shipping

Full article: http://www.my-lolita-dress.com/seal-pup-print-in-summer-s...


*вопль* ТАМ ТЮЛЕНЬ https://t.co/MTTeX2bzMC

*вопль* ТАМ ТЮЛЕНЬ https://t.co/MTTeX2bzMC

my-lolita-dress.com 21 Jan '17, 2pm

For measures bust more than 120cm or waist more than 100cm, there's an [--extra tailor fee--]. We will get back to you wit...

@Miryuu_Sekka или вот это)))) https://t.co/EzjK0mwqy6

@Miryuu_Sekka или вот это)))) https://t.co/EzjK...

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***Item Name: Neverland Lolita ~Elizabeth's Coronation~ Sailor Collar Lolita OP Dress ***Brand: Neverland Loita(An indie T...