08 Aug '16, 2pm


After lurking FOREVER on the interwebs I decided on buying a bell-shaped petticoat from Classical Puppets. Honestly this is an awesome petticoat and has lasted me a good few months so far. I'm quite confident I'll get a couple years or so out of it. I find it just slightly scratchy at times, but can be quite sensitive to fabric, so do take that comment with a grain of salt. It's also quite poofy and I don't really feel the need to layer. It's not a "poof monster," but it definitely holds its own as a dailywear petticoat and is absolutely worth the money spent! I will absolutely buy another when the time comes to finally replace. :)

Full article: http://www.my-lolita-dress.com/bell-shape-lolita-petticoat


Traffic Commissioner Beverley Bell resigns

Traffic Commissioner Beverley Bell resigns

route-one.net 05 Aug '16, 10am

In a shock announcement Beverley Bell - Britain’s most senior transport regulator - has resigned from both her posts. Beve...