BO up for Versatile Flap Blouse!

Please transfer to new BO account POSB SAVINGS 193-55232-3 and delete POSB SAVINGS 193-12904-8 from your payee list!! Backorders for Versatile Flap Blouse in Mustard, Rose & Electric Blue Open Backorders Open til Wednesday 25th May A mass confirmation email will be sent out within a week after backorder closing when orders have been consolidated and verified. Thank you for your patience! IMPORTANT: *Please read before proceeding :)* Items will arrive approx in 4 weeks time from time of BO closing Please note that this is a Backorder so do make your payments & place your order in the given format :)/strong> All details are provided. Please do not leave your email add & wait for an invoice. Only paid orders IN THE GIVEN FORMAT will be taken in, and payment verification will be done after the backorder closes.

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