29 Feb '16, 11pm

@venefica have u seen

@venefica have u seen

***Item Name: Hana ~Cherry Printed~ Sailor Collar Striped Loita OP Dress ***Materials: Space Cotton. ***Features: No shirring, No waist belt, Sailor collar designed. ***Colors: Navy Blue. ***Process Time: The tailor plus process time need about 25-35 days, then shipping.

Full article: http://www.my-lolita-dress.com/hana-cherry-printed-sailor...


@venefica in particular

@venefica in particular

my-lolita-dress.com 29 Feb '16, 11pm

***Item Name: Surface Spell Judgement Day Embroidery Gothic Lolita OP Dress ***Features: Custom sizing available, High wai...

#LolitaUpdate: [-✙-AP Celestial OP Replica-✙-] is available for shopping now. Only 53.99USD: https://t.co/2DMrMuVMd8

#LolitaUpdate: [-✙-AP Celestial OP Replica-✙-] ...

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---Item Name: Replica Angelic Pretty Celestial Lolita OP Dress - Pre-order ---Composed of: an OP dress Only. ---Color: Bla...