@vanxzc @fishedbyohno @mijingyo this one likka nt bad! can use 2 coupon for 1 table!

@vanxzc @fishedbyohno @mijingyo this one likka ... 25 Feb '12, 1pm

Japanese cuisine is probably one of the most famous and well-loved cuisines in the world and in Singapore, we just cannot ...

Check out @beatricesays post to see where we went for yummy Japanese food with @belluspuera

Check out @beatricesays post to see where we we... 28 Feb '12, 2am

After the meeting, we decided to do a quick lunch around Far East Square as it's known to have many cafes/restaurants arou...


SUNSET BREAKFAST 06 Mar '12, 3pm

I have a blog, read it if you're bored! Advertising is what I do, if you need advising then I'm here for you: [email protected]

@shota0715 こちらです 最寄はタンジョンパ... 01 Mar '12, 5am

About two years ago I read a small article on this restaurant in a Japanese magazine. Since then I have been thinking to v...

Kuriya Dining is Best Japanese Restaurant

Kuriya Dining is Best Japanese Restaurant 29 Feb '12, 6pm

Singapore, February 29, 2012 Kuriya Dining Great World City Seasonal Japanese produce might add a certain 'newness' to you...

This like cool only 03 Mar '12, 4pm

Wow, the way u put it, it seems all their sashimi are not fresh at all.. In order for that to happen, there are only 2 pos...