28 Mar '14, 2am

For the next 9 days @marinabaysands are offering a 40% discount to their latest, award-winning show, Tap Dogs


Dein Perry’s ‘Tap Dogs’ shuffles into Singapore this May

Dein Perry’s ‘Tap Dogs’ shuffles into Singapore...

events.insing.com 23 Mar '14, 4pm

The mere mention of tap dancing might conjure up images of Fred Astaire or Gene Kelly all spiffy in their tuxedos tearing ...

@Feared_Demonzz @Feared_GODLY @Feared_Triton

@Feared_Demonzz @Feared_GODLY @Feared_Triton

city-academy.com 08 Apr '14, 3pm

Tap is one of the most iconic dance forms, from the back streets of New Orleans to the stars of the silver screen. So if y...