23 Mar '14, 10pm

For 1000, I'd like Early Childhood Curriculum Jeopardy, Alex

In this interactive game, learners answer 30 questions about early childhood education activities and skills. Up to three people can play on the game board at one time. Author(s): Kim Horejs See more in Early Childhood Education

Full article: http://www.wisc-online.com/Objects/ViewObject.aspx?ID=ECE...


Funny Running in Jeopardy!

Funny Running in Jeopardy!

runningisfunny.com 20 Mar '14, 6pm

Funny Running in Jeopardy! Many thanks to reader Stephen for tipping us off to a relevant category on the March 18 broadca...

Asics GT 1000 2 Review

runningshoesguru.com 23 Mar '14, 5pm

The Asics GT 1000 2 is a stability shoe for moderate overpronators, with a durable ride that held up well over 250 miles u...

FERC Order 1000 Has Its Day in Court

FERC Order 1000 Has Its Day in Court

renewableenergyworld.com 24 Mar '14, 1pm

Order 1000 includes several major changes: expanding regional and inter-regional transmission planning, accounting for cle...