20 Feb '14, 5pm

Singapore Goods - JBL Dock & Clock Radio: JBL On Time 200p Dock & Clock Radio + Go... More


Weather Clock Puts OLPC to Work

Weather Clock Puts OLPC to Work

hackaday.com 20 Feb '14, 3pm

in hand, [Andrew] pulled out his old keyboard controller and started hacking. His first task was getting meaningful data o...

Audio Networking With GNU Radio

hackaday.com 19 Feb '14, 3pm

Thought GNU Radio was just for radio? Think again. [Chris] has been hard at work turning the signal generation and analysi...

Keep Track of Time Without a Clock with Music

hackerspace.lifehacker.com 04 Mar '14, 9pm

Sometimes, we don't have the luxury of having a phone, watch or clock nearby to keep track of time. Fortunately, many of u...