26 Apr '13, 12pm

Diamonds contribute to short attention span (oooh. SHINY!) Get $200 worth of GIA Certified Diamonds shopping for $50:


Gemesis Diamonds

gorgeouslygreen.com 26 Apr '13, 5pm

Now, you can proudly present or wear a diamond – or a bunch of diamonds in an ornate ring – without fear or guilt, since G...

DUEPUNTI - Unconventional Diamonds

DUEPUNTI - Unconventional Diamonds

bongqiuqiu.blogspot.com 29 Apr '13, 1am

For whatever exercise that you do, you can loop on DUEPUNTI and set off =DDD Don't have to worry about sweat stain tarnish...

Products WORTH the Hype!

stylesuzi.com 29 Apr '13, 8pm

StyleSuzi is a London UK Based Fashion and Beauty Blog. Written and founded by Suzi Tse in 2009. A documentation of person...