28 Apr '17, 12am

Derma Rosabella Facial

" Revive tired and dull skin with a unique rose infused Derma Rosabella facial treat! Using rose enzyme, antioxidants and marine collagen to boost and hydrate skin for a youthful appearance! " Revitalise tired and dull looking skin with this rose infused essence derma rosabella facial treatment! Your skin requires an extra boost of hydration, where rose essence penetrates deeply into your derma layers to build antioxidants and restore youth! Minimize pores and lift wrinkles with nano antioxidant cream and marine collagen, complete with a relaxing face massage. Attain smooth baby skin with a dewy glow just after one session. Book your session with the professional team at Rapellez today to revamp your skin condition!

Full article: https://www.juztoday.com/deal.php?id=4851&c=twitter