27 Apr '17, 12am

Brazilian PTF Hair Removal @ Bugis

" Achieve smooth and hairless results with this Brazilian PTF treatment! It effectively slows down and decreases undesirable hair growth, and is safe and painless for all skin types! " Options Available: - 1 Session of Brazillian PTF at $22 (usual $280) - 2 Sessions of Brazillian PTF at $40 (usual $560) Want a sexier beach bod to rock but afraid of waxing? Now you can go hairless without the hassle when you opt for Brazillian PTF! It is an improved version of IPL, using light and heat energy to effectively remove, decrease, and slow down hair regrowth. Brazillian PFT ensures that it is painless, and suitable for all skin types! Perfect for sensitive skin as it does not tug or pull at your pores, causing irritation and redness. Now you can bring out your inner goddess and shine with confidence! Start your hairless journey today with uBeau!

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