05 Apr '17, 12am

Firming & Whitening Facial

" Kickstart your skin to a beautiful complexion today! And you can achieve it via this Customised Facial treatment. It is result-oriented to give you the best of the best. " As the largest organ in our body, our skin faces many external aggressors. From the weather to the environment to internal factors, our skin is constantly battling these fights -- which manifest itself into issues such as skin pigmentation, acne and blemishes, uneven skintone and more. Stop these skin woes right this moment with the Customised Facial treatment at Le Comfort Beauty Centre! With professional and experienced beauticians, as well as premium-grade products at your disposal, you'll see a flawless complexion in no time. Say yes to a more gorgeous you! Options available: - Firming - Whitening - Protection - Acne

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Watch this video of #AyaBambi with real-time 3D facial projection mapping. Amazeballs.

Watch this video of #AyaBambi with real-time 3D...

vernonchan.com 03 Apr '17, 12pm

3D mapping of objects isn’t a new thing. We’ve seen this on cameras like the Intel RealSense , or even smartphones. I’ve a...

DNA Facial Combo

juztoday.com 02 Apr '17, 12am

Suffer from dull and tired skin? A busy and hectic work life balance can leave out little time for a proper skin care rout...

Galaxy S8 Facial Recognition is super easy to hack

Galaxy S8 Facial Recognition is super easy to hack

soyacincau.com 31 Mar '17, 1pm

As shown above, a good frontal photo of the owner is all it takes to fool the Galaxy S8 using the Facial Recognition featu...

Korea IPL Facial

juztoday.com 16 Apr '17, 12am

Say goodbye to imperfections on your skin; with this Korea IPL Treatment, watch acne breakout scars and patches fade away ...