02 Apr '17, 12am

Moxibustion Healthy Treatment

" Live well and healthy with a good sessions of body detoxing! Moxibustion thoroughly eliminates toxins and impurities, allowing you to relax and regain liveliness. Feel lighter and healthier today! " Experience a traditional approach to wellness with this TCM Moxibustion Healthy Body Treatment! Using non-invasive methodologies to ensure all toxins are pushed out of your body, restoring balance to a tired body. Relax and unwind your senses with the professional team at iYoung Beauty! Using only the best techniques and natural resources to heal your body, you will feel re-energized to face another tough week ahead, maximum comfort ensured! Choose a particular part of the body for acupoint treatment which alleviates clogged impurities. Book your session today!

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