26 Mar '17, 12am

Eyebrow Trimming @ Zhongshan Mall

" Need to shape and trim your brows but don't know how? Let the professionals help you! Look sleek and presentable without the need for brow gel, just rock that bare face with divalicious brows! " Attain a perfect pair of brows at A Beauty Slimming! Not sure where to pluck or shape? Don't jeopardize them, let the professionals craft the best brow shape for your face! This will allow you to save time from grooming early in the morning, and still be able to look your best! Trimming your eyebrows will ensure that all hair strands will be in place and neat, where applying any brow product afterwards will be a total breeze! No more struggling with overdrawn brows, painful plucking, and mismatching! Look beautiful the smart way and book your session today!

Full article: https://www.juztoday.com/deal.php?id=4481&c=twitter


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