15 Mar '17, 12am

FLO Perfume Atomizer

When it comes to travelling -- be it for business or leisure -- perfume is an essential item in our to-pack list. This is because perfume lets us remain fresh and nice throughout the trip. However, whether you have travelled near or far, a common problem that is faced by each of us is how to bring our perfume with us. Usually encased in a glass bottle, perfume bottle is too fragile to withstand the rough handling at the airport. Moreover, bringing a full bottle with us can be really burdensome. Well, this is where the FLO Perfume Atomizer comes in. It is a fun-sized perfume spray bottle that can store some of your favourite perfume -- making it ideal for travelling!

Full article: https://www.juztoday.com/deal.php?id=4777&c=twitter


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