22 Jun '16, 12am

Brazilian Waxing @ AMK

Brazilian Waxing @ AMK

" Time to hit the beach with a flawless and hairless beach body! This treatment thoroughly removes hair right from the follicles and ensures smooth and silky skin! Top it off with a whitening serum for a goddess-like complexion! " Embarassed by peek-a-boo hair on your armpits, and legs? Remove them to reveal your beach-ready body! Go bold with spaghetti straps and backless dresses for the perfect sexy beach date! Look gorgeous smooth and silky skin right from the moment you walk out of the salon! This treatment also includes whitening serum for fairer and softer skin under the sun, where it protects and maintains the moisture and cell regeneration within the epidermal layers. Present your divalicious abilities from top to bottom, and spend less time grooming each day. Book your session today!

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