29 Nov '15, 12am

Ultrasonic Distance Meter https://t.co/lono25AlOC

Ultrasonic Distance Meter https://t.co/lono25AlOC

Measure distances easily with this Ultrasonic Distance Meter! Features a laser pointer to accurately measure areas out of reach. It can also store up to 3 different measurements and allows you to add or subtract 2 distances - user friendly and great for both outdoor and indoor use!

Full article: http://www.juztoday.com/deal.php?id=3695&c=twitter


SRF01 Ultrasonic Sensor Teardown

SRF01 Ultrasonic Sensor Teardown

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The SRF01 is a popular ultrasonic sensor used primarily for range finding applications. [Jaanus] discovered that they had ...

This VU Meter is Built Into the Speaker

This VU Meter is Built Into the Speaker

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Depending on the music you’re listening to, watching a VU meter bounce to the music is always a good time. So why not inte...

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Build a Wireless Water Meter for Your Home

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California, where I once lived, is in the midst of a severe drought. Thankfully, I now reside in North Carolina, a much we...

5S Derma-F Ultrasonic Dermabrasion

juztoday.com 24 Nov '15, 12am

Derma-F is an ultrasonic dermabrasion device suitable for home or professional use. It uses ultrasonic electric properties...