25 Jul '15, 12am

3D Eyebrow Embroidery & Trimming

Say goodbye to unsightly stray and sparse hair and welcome a well crafted, neat and beautifully scultped 3D eyebrow embroidery! With eyebrow trimming and a FREE return touch up, it's the comprehensive eyebrow deal to get the best look for your everyday!

Full article: http://www.juztoday.com/deal.php?id=3284&c=twitter


4D Eyelash Extension & Eyebrow Trimming

juztoday.com 13 Jul '15, 12am

Get beautifully crafted eyebrows to match your natural-looking barbie doll eyelashes with this 4D eyelash extension and ey...

$10 Eyelash Perm & Eyebrow Trim

$10 Eyelash Perm & Eyebrow Trim

juztoday.com 23 Jul '15, 12am

THE DEAL HIGHLIGHTS Conveniently located near to City Hall MRT! 2-in-1 Eye Package Deal Includes: - Natural Eyelash Perm -...


inhabitat.com 22 Jul '15, 11am

The company completed approximately 90 percent of the construction in an off-site factory before shipping the modular piec...

Repackaging a Webcam in a 3D Printed Enclosure

Repackaging a Webcam in a 3D Printed Enclosure

hackaday.com 23 Jul '15, 8am

One of the beauties of having a 3D printer is the ability to print accessories for it to make it better. [Sky] had been us...

3D Printing Helps Rekindle Old Love with an Unc...

hackaday.com 25 Jul '15, 11am

People may know many name and brands of cars and trucks, and there’s tons of scale models available for the average popula...