23 Jun '12, 11am

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Stepping into maritime museums gives out that uncanny feeling of going back in time. With displays that are - or seem to be - old, if not older, than our ancestors, one couldn’t help but exude that peculiar feeling of melancholy for days when pirates and sailors reigned supreme. Although the museum simulates a maritime era of the Ming Dynasty during the 14th century, there isn’t anything melancholic about the displays found in the place. If anything, the museum brings the Ming Dynasty to the present, rather than taking its guests back to the old days.

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BKK trip part 1

BKK trip part 1

xueshasha.com 05 Jul '12, 4am

*P.S : Went to BKK and Phuket with baby, love BKK to the max can ? The food and shopping is so good ! heh. :D Got pink Gal...