27 May '12, 6pm

@Dorapeepo น่าสนนน แต่ไม่มีปริ้นเต้ออ่ะ

More than 30 years in business, Jin Zhen Xiang has always been one of the frontrunners in the Bak Kwa food industry with an impressive range of products such as: honey-marinated BBQ Bak Kwa, gold-coin BBQ Bak Kwa, Chilli BBQ Bak Kwa and BBQ chicken meat Bak Kwa. The BBQ honey-marinated Bak Kwa, is the one you should not miss out on. The honey is evenly coated, the meat tender and tangy, and most importantly, the meat bits do not cling onto your teeth easily. Purchase this deal and try it with your friends and family!

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