28 Feb '17, 11am


Leaving them for work/trips/events/weddings/go to the toilet. – their face is just so sad when you leave, their eyes get big and doe-y, and you’ll have those moments when you’re like ughhh should I just not go. Doing your own thing / resting / having a life of your own / being tired – even me taking a bath or scrolling through Instagram on the couch, I feel guilty. Daniel will come to me and say “Mommy, please play with me…” with a hopeful spark in his eyes and he’ll drag his Lego blocks along… aiyo, who cares if I’m smelly, no need to take a bath la! Sometimes, I’m just sooooo tired after work but the kids obviously won’t understand that because to them, you just came home and fun just started! Playing with your phone – sometimes it’s not even playing, it’s real work stuff replying people or dealing with a crisis. Many times, I’m talking to 4 different people trying to so...

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