10 Feb '17, 7am

Estee Lauder Resilience Lift (from Sephora sg) review on blog now

Resilience Lift is not just hydrating but it is also supposed to sculpt your face and neck skin. Upon application, I was glad to find that there's no sharp or stinging feeling (which I was expecting a sculpting cream to have). I would say that the immediate tightening and lifting sensations are quite subtle. So do not expect to feel any sudden tautness to your skin. But what I do see and feel in an obvious way is that my skin tone evens out a lot, there is a dewy soft glow to my skin, and my skin looks plumper.

Full article: http://www.hollyjean.sg/2017/02/estee-lauder-resilience-l...


Tidworth Garrison Course Review

Tidworth Garrison Course Review

golf-monthly.co.uk 10 Feb '17, 6pm

Tidworth Garrison Course Review Situated right next door to the military camp of the same name, the club at Tidworth Garri...