13 Jun '11, 3pm

Daily #WAHM Resource Snippets of Life

Daily #WAHM Resource Snippets of Life

My husband is currently away at the moment. He has gone overseas for 3.5 weeks, which means I have been left to fend for myself (and my 3 kids) for a while. THE DAY AFTER HE LEFT, what do you know, both the taps in my bathroom broke. Both of them . Arrgh. “Fixing things around the house” is my husband’s specialty. He just loves little tactile problems. Especially simple jobs that take 10 minutes to feel like a superhero. But what was I going to do now that my husband was away for 3 weeks? Obviously I should ask for help. And I know lots of people I could have called to help me fix a tap… but the trouble is – I don’t like to ask for help. I would rather try and fix something myself. And I’d only ask for help once I have clearly established that I couldn’t fix it myself. So driven by pride, I grabbed a spanner from the shed, and took apart the tap handles. What I found was… ...

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New post: Some smells to share

New post: Some smells to share

karencheng.com.au 20 Jun '11, 11am

For the past week, I have been a bit sick, with flu like symptoms, a bad cough and no sense of smell. Thankfully it’s all ...

Happy Father's Day to everyone! One of the strip i did last time featuring my dad!

Happy Father's Day to everyone! One of the stri...

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December 6th, 2010 - I wonder if snails have feelings too. - Tan Wai Kit &nbsp&nbsp Tweet Share Jasper Posted on 2010-12-0...