26 Oct '12, 2pm

@ShereenTay Lama already, during the year 2007 :O Give you the link

Hello, may i speak to Ringo please? Cheesie: Yes speaking. Who’s this? Weirdo: Erm… You know… erm… How do i say this.. Actually you don’t know me, but i’m a big fan of yours. Cheesie: O…kay. You got my number from? Weirdo: Can i tell you that in a bit because i don’t wanna scare you. Cheesie: O…kay. And your name is? Weirdo: My name is James… i know it’s a silly name, not as cool as yours but… I’m just wondering, uhm, are you seeing anyone? Cheesie: *WTFish* Why? Weirdo: Err…. This is gonna sound really weird, I know where you work, I’ve been around a few times, have seen you around, but never got the guts to say hello to you. Cheesie: You know my work place?! Weirdo: Yea! I erm.. i go there and hide. Cheesie: WHAT?!666 Weirdo: I.. I.. I.. I see you i just watch you from far… Cheesie: *kancheong* Erm… Wait… How do you know i work there? Weirdo: Like i say, i’ve got erm, co...

Full article: http://cheeserland.com/2007/01/my-second-marriage-proposal/