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How To Achieve #BlogAwesomness - a guest post by @bibledude

How To Achieve #BlogAwesomness - a guest post by @bibledude

How To Achieve #BlogAwesomness By Dan King I spent a lot of time wandering when I started blogging. I spent over a year writing about whatever came to mind. I started feeling the pressure to be a legit content producer as I strove to build my audience. As a result, I started posting all of the things I thought people wanted to see. Inevitably, I experienced a great deal of frustration to find the right formula that would bring in the masses I hoped would read what I was writing. It never happened. I built it, and they didn’t come. That is until I found some focus. I found something to be passionate about. Finding something to be passionate about is the first step in achieving #blogawesomeness. [CLICK TO TWEET ] There was a Blog Action Day with the focus on the issue of poverty. I knew that as a Christian, this was a subject I should be concerned about. But I honestly knew ...

Full article: http://crystalstine.me/how-to-achieve-blogawesomness/


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