29 Sep '12, 4am

Thanks Eu Yan Sang! (from @sixpegs blog)

Thanks Eu Yan Sang! (from @sixpegs blog)

At my last treatment at Eu Yan Sang, Physician Zhou gave me a combination of treatment of acupuncture and cupping. I had a really stiff neck that day, probably because of my bad sleeping posture, and the pain was alleviated immediately after the two treatments! The acupuncture and cupping was also, as usual, done after a verbal consultation with the Physician to understand my current state of health. Physician Zhou also introduced me to a new technique for cupping where it will leave no marks on the body at all! She heated up the air in the cups, but this time round, instead of leaving the cups on my body, she dragged them across my problem areas swiftly. So, no marks at all! It was really understanding and accommodating of her because I was wearing a singlet that day and had a dinner later that night. :p

Full article: http://www.sixpegs.com/2012/09/thanks-eu-yan-sang/


You And I (from @sixpegs blog)

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A and I finally made it to Barcelona! We heard so much about this place – the petty thieves, the gorgeous beaches, the fri...

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! It’s super comfortable especially for a laidback Saturday. There are so many very pretty dresses on the website, wish I ...

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It was one of my greatest wish to travel to Europe when I was in university. I was always green with envy when I hear frie...

Check out the recipe for Kokekaffe that @tcvarney did on @foodstudiooslo field dinner last week:

Check out the recipe for Kokekaffe that @tcvarn...

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This past weekend, Food Studio hosted another one of their high concept foody experiences. Once again, like with the Maaem...

Barcelona II (from @sixpegs blog)

Barcelona II (from @sixpegs blog)

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Goodnight. October 8, 2012 9:50 Thank you for always being the best friend, lover, teacher, discipline mistress, accomplic...

Haunted Hotels 101 (from @sixpegs blog)

Haunted Hotels 101 (from @sixpegs blog)

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PARIS II (from @sixpegs blog)

PARIS II (from @sixpegs blog)

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Those who become Chengdu Pambassadors will have the unique opportunity to tour the world over five to six months, and visi...

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and new awesome kicks from Soeurs! If you haven’t heard of Soeurs, it’s time to visit them at Cineleisure Level 2. It’s op...

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Take Care (from @sixpegs blog)

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Personally, the few years after I graduated from school has whizzed by me in a flash. All of my friends around me were all...

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