15 Mar '16, 10am

Dive Bomber Push-up to Reverse Chaturanga

Dive Bomber Push-up to Reverse Chaturanga heavily works the shoulders, core and chest while elongation your spine and stretching your calves, hamstrings, lower back and shoulders. It is rare to find this kind of strength building paired with flexibility training that this move can bring to the table! I like to complete my workout with this exercise as getting into a downward dog provides a great stretch for the entire body. #fayfitnesscoach #adidaswomen

Full article: http://www.withlovefay.com/2016/03/dive-bomber-push-up-to...


Scorpion Push-up To Grasshopper Push-up

withlovefay.com 15 Mar '16, 5am

Scorpion pushup to grasshopper pushup. This pushup variation is great for building upper body strength while exercising yo...

Reverse Lunge Heel Tap

withlovefay.com 15 Mar '16, 10am

Reverse Lunge Heel Tap. Provides a good stretch for the hip flexors…. I recommend doing these if you've been sitting too l...

Push Off Ninja Jump

withlovefay.com 16 Mar '16, 3am

Push Off to Ninja Jump. A killer combo move that works the legs, core, chest and arms. #fayfitnesscoach #wishediwasaninja ...

Mountain Buttkicks

withlovefay.com 15 Mar '16, 9am

Kicking my own ass with this warm-up move I like to call Mountain Butt(kicks). #MyBeautifulActiveLife #adidaswomen #fayfit...