19 Feb '16, 11am

I swear Daniel Azim Shah is the cutest boy

I love how Daniel’s school teaches him other festivities. I want my kids to be deeply rooted but also are eager to learn, understand and respect other cultures. For Deepavali, he wore an Indian costume. For Christmas, he wore a Snowman costume. And for this recent Chinese New Year, he wore a Chinese-inspired costume. I was searching high and low for a Chinese outfit for Daniel (really didn’t know where to get one!) and found this very last piece in Tesco, thank God. Hehe definitely made me smile in the office when I saw this picture. When I came home, he excitedly carried his monkey up. “Mommy, Mommy, I made a monkey!” I had a reallllyyyy long day in the office and was exhausted but the excitement on his face, my goshhhh so cute I had to put everything else aside. I pretended I didn’t know what he was talking about. “What monkey?” “This monkey!!” He ran to his room and cam...

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