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3 Peeling Gels Worth Their £'s https://t.co/MYb0HL2gWQ

Why? The name “peeling gel” refers to the fruit enzymes that act as a chemical exfoliant in the product. The gel is effective enough to slough off dirt and dead skin immediately, while being gentle enough to use on the face or sensitive areas (because it is not physically removing it). In general, peeling gels are a must-try for anyone who isn’t into harsh chemicals, those gritty microbeads, or your average exfoliating scrub. When applied to the skin, a peeling gel will sort of “ball up” in little pieces, kind of extracting the dead skin as it goes. Some users say you can actually see the skin getting picked off, but it’s the gel gathering on your skin that’s most visible.

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To peel or not to peel...https://t.co/DSVl8uOFeu

michellephan.com 08 Feb '16, 4pm

Let’s talk exfoliants for a minute. Nowadays, most of us have the basics down. Skin needs exfoliation in order to go throu...

Luscious lips, permanently.

Luscious lips, permanently.

michellephan.com 12 Feb '16, 12pm

The No Filler Way to Create (Permanently) Fuller Lips February 12, 2016 Michelle Phan Everywhere I look, there’s one trend...

Live Blog // Yeezy Season 3

nicekicks.com 11 Feb '16, 9pm

3:26 PM CST – Yeezy Season 3 is set to get underway soon, keep it locked to this post for all updates as we have NK Staff ...

Salming Speed 3 Review

Salming Speed 3 Review

runningshoesguru.com 12 Feb '16, 6pm

Salming is a Swedish brand that is starting to make inroads in the United States. They have a complete philosophy on runni...

3 hidden Caribbean gems - A Luxury Travel Blog

3 hidden Caribbean gems - A Luxury Travel Blog

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Yeezy Season 3 Show to Stream Live on TIDAL

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Offering an alternative to showing up at Madison Square Garden or driving out to a theater, Kanye West has just announced ...

12 Feb 2016 Onward: MDS Collections 3 For $50 Promotion

12 Feb 2016 Onward: MDS Collections 3 For $50 P...

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12 Feb 2016 Onward: MDS Collections 3 For $50 Promotion MDS Collections Singapore are having their 3 For $50 Promotion now...