24 Jan '16, 8am

Now I wanna do shopping after seeing all these stuffs lol : Osaka Omiyage

Actually i wished that i bought more but it was a media trip and our schedule was fully packed. Although there was plenty of shopping time, it was impossible for me to carry bags and bags of souvenir and run up and down a castle. With the belly of mine that has seemed to balloon twice the size in 3 days.

Full article: http://cheeserland.com/2016/01/osaka-omiyage/


アジア最強のファッションブロガー Cheesie(チージー)さんのブログに「東北みやげ」として紹介されました。 https://t.co/tNKC0eNFLD https://t.co/0EtfelxiDa

アジア最強のファッションブロガー Cheesie(チージー)さんのブログに「東北みやげ」として...

cheeserland.com 29 Jan '16, 6am

Have you tried Senbei Soup? In the past, a lot of Japanese people were suffering poverty so they just make Senbei, stored ...

The Residence, Higashi-Mikuni @ Osaka Japan

The Residence, Higashi-Mikuni @ Osaka Japan

developerlaunch.com 19 Jan '16, 12pm

The Residence, Higashi-Mikuni in Osaka, Japan’s third largest and second most important city, in the centre of the Kansai ...