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What I liked about ViewQwest

What I liked about ViewQwest

January 11th, 2016 by sixpegs In this day and age where we are more connected virtually than in reality (sad truth ahem), good connectivity is no longer a privilege, it is a right! Heh. Having been frustrated with my laggy home connection, I switched over to local broadband operator ViewQwest, which is known for their fast and stable connection. Guess what? My buffering days are over. I first heard about ViewQwest from my gamer friend, Finn. According to Finn, ViewQwest is THE internet service provider to go to if you want to have a seamless connection with zero lag. I was both skeptical and excited when I first got my hands on my ViewQwest broadband bundle; after all it claimed a freaking speed of 2gbps per second! Sounds lightning fast! I can’t speak the bandwidth, router and booster language so I’m going to give you the most layman tech review about my experience with V...

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