18 Sep '15, 3am

New post: Helloween

New post: Helloween

And so very soon, it will be that time of the year again where you can freely dress up in some ghostly costume and walk on the street without people thinking you are crazy. Because if you do that on any other normal days, the whole street’s going to stare at you and probably thought you are crazy. Yes it’s Halloween on the 31st October ! So, in slightly less than 2 months to go before Halloween comes, have you prepare or know what costume you are going to dress up in yet? If not, maybe you would like to check out some of the Halloween costumes online and get something you like. Every year without fail, Sentosa Universal Studio would be one of the places that throws in a huge investment just for this event. Every year with a different theme, I kind of like their advertisement this year if you have come across it at some bus stops maybe. It really gives a creepy feeling that...

Full article: http://mschorlor.com/2015/09/18/helloween/


Inside the turmoil at an imploding fashion icon - New York Post #branding #luxury

Inside the turmoil at an imploding fashion icon...

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In July, news broke that Donna Karan was stepping down as chief designer of her namesake company and that her high-end lin...