28 Jun '15, 2pm

No Beautify Me

Not doing a Beautify Me post this month because MY SKIN SUCKS. I'm sorry girls if you were looking forward to that. I feel so ugly and horrible about myself :'( R U STEALING MY BEAUTY AWAY BABY GIRL?! I really feel so so so horrible the past week. Been kinda emotional too. And all I wanna do is be alone at home...with Elroy. Pls let me feel like myself again! I also realize that rashes and mozzie bites seem to be taking a longer time to heal while I'm pregnant? It's so weird. Oh and the stretchmarks from my last pregnancy are super visible again! Quite sad but hoping I don't get more from this pregnancy. I'm so prone to stretchmarks even after applying bio oil religiously! I seriously don't know why :( some ppl said it's genetics but my mom had NONE from 2 pregnancies. Maybe Bio Oil and Clarins ain't working for me. Anyway! Hoping to fix my skin asap so I'll wanna apply ma...

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