16 Apr '15, 1am

sand pit session [fashiontoast - Los Angeles]

sand pit session [fashiontoast - Los Angeles]

Just chillin’ in a sand lot, leaning around. REGULAR. Taking photos in Palm Springs is fun. I haven’t worn denim shorts for a while. While there were years straight that they were all I reached for, I ran out of ways to see them as new again. But after finding this perfect pair at Re/done in DTLA, I’m back on that program and wondering wth I was thinking during the down cycle. I layered our Delphine crop over a simple ribbed tank and threw on a bunch of Chloé for good measure.

Full article: http://fashiontoast.com/2015/04/sand-pit-session/


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Photo: Lakers forward Carlos Boozer drives to the basket against Kings guard Ben McLemore, right, and forward Derrick Will...