10 Apr '15, 6pm

Feng Shui

Honestly, I used to think Fortune Telling and Feng Shui was complete bullshit as I have never done a reading before I met my partner. Because he is such an enthusiast at such stuff, everything he does he will ask for advice from a master. I don't want to say "no" because he will not be happy and he will not feel comfortable at home if things are not placed at the "right place". When I first met the master, I honestly did not expect much. He asked for the date and time of my birth and I had to give it so he would be able to instruct us what color scheme we should use and what we should place at certain areas in the house to "bring good fortune" and "ward off evil". I always thought readings would be like horoscope readings, very vague and general stuff that will convince you it's really how you are like. However, I was shocked when he told me how I lived my life the past 23...

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