31 Mar '15, 11am

Uncomplicated Friendship

Uncomplicated Friendship

They make it look so easy. Two 3-year olds who have only met once before and are suddenly best friends. Madi looks for her new buddy whenever we’re at church and remembers to pray for him at night. She invites him to color and play games and they’re suddenly inseparable. I don’t think they’ve actually spoken more than a handful of sentences to one another, but they’re friends. Thick as thieves in the back corner of the living room while the adults chat and get to know one another. All we heard were giggles as they connected over…something. And I sat in my chair envying my toddler her ability to make friends so easily. Wouldn’t it be so much easier if we could still make friends simply by asking someone if they wanted to color? Or deciding that we would be friends because there were no other kids our age to play with? Then to remember to pray for them – not because they ask...

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