19 Dec '14, 6am

@putrinursabrina kelakar. pergi baca. haha

@putrinursabrina kelakar. pergi baca. haha

Remember my first pregnancy, Dean kept poking my bellybutton and going “What does this button do?” and would laugh so much like it’s so funny. Well, nothing’s changed with this pregnancy. My belly button is now showing (which I’m not happy about!) and when we’re in the lift together, he’d go “Which floor will this button take us?” . Poke. Laugh uncontrollably. -___________-” So insensitive I should let the lift doors hit him on the way out. The third trimester symptoms are kicking in. You know, peeing countless times a night, sleeping difficulties, heartburn, looking more and more like a whale… and this scorching Malaysian weather really isn’t helping. Underneath my long-sleeved top, my scarf inner, my scarf, and Daniel clinging on to my neck all the time, I seriously get pissed off when the aircond isn’t on full blast. I’m a moody blob you wouldn’t want to be near, really...

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