14 Nov '14, 4am

[New Blog Post] #FoodieFridays: Sukiyaki at SHIMA with ze BFF @daintyflair!

[New Blog Post] #FoodieFridays: Sukiyaki at SHIMA with ze BFF @daintyflair!

Established since 1980, SHIMA is Singapore’s first fine-dining Teppanyaki restaurant. Located at Goodwood Park Hotel, the restaurant was opened by Katsuhiro Watanabe, a former Singapore resident who has since retired back to Japan. In 2013, SHIMA was bought over by JR Foods, and plans for a major facelift were put in place. In 2014, after a month-long renovation, SHIMA reopens - backed by the pioneer team of chefs that were trained by Japanese master chefs in the 1980s - and continues its vision of serving up a high-end Teppanyaki, Shabu Shabu and Sukiyaki experience that encompasses top-notch food, service and ambience.

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Revisiting SHIMA @ Goodwood Park Hotel

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Besides offering top-notch produce, the chefs also painstakingly make most of the accompanying sauces in-house. The Goma S...