24 Aug '14, 10am


On a side note, I'm thankful for the company of those friends who worry I get lonely during this "waiting" period. I can't do much and go out as much so my days can get really boring if no one visits or go for a meal with me nearby. It is also such an eye opener and a shocker to see the friends whom I thought would stay close but ended up drifting away. And those whom I thought wouldn't care, cared so much more. The time I need the company most is the time they just don't give two fucks anymore. You know, it won't hurt to just drop a short message? But yknow what...it's ok, I keep telling myself if I don't matter, then you shall not matter to me too. Just don't categorize me as a "very important friend" if I'm not important. It's pretty stupid giving someone a "title" when you don't mean it.

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