28 May '14, 11am


You know about the airing of grievances, right? That thing they did on Seinfeld during Festivus where they sat around and loudly proclaimed all the things that bothered them. Sort of the opposite of Thanksgiving and meant to be humor and part of a show that was legitimately proud of being about…nothing. I still don’t get it. Anyway. Here’s the thing – I’m all about authenticity. It’s a passion of mine to encourage women to be confident in who they are in Christ, with all their passions, strengths, flaw, broken parts, and imperfections. I love when I see women stop pretending to be someone else and instead settle into the deep, comfortable rhythm of living life as themselves and not the edited version they want people to see online. I can’t tell you enough how much I want more “un-fine” in my life, how I want you to feel like you can have a bad day around me, and be okay wh...

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Baristing: Words on Run

Baristing: Words on Run

baristing.blogspot.com 25 May '14, 12am

I wrote a review for this book, which you can read here . The link being to Amazon, you can, of course, buy the book there...