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@bookbeaut @CulturalSavage @oliviafaix faith, and in [her] community"

@bookbeaut @CulturalSavage @oliviafaix faith, and in [her] community"

From Lucy: I personally find the deep connections between Christianity and Judaism very beautiful, but most Jewish people find Messianic Judaism (and its self-identification as a branch of Judaism) offensive - both the idea of Jews embracing Christianity and calling it Judaism and Christians embracing Judaism and calling it their own. Public perception of the MJ movement has also been scarred by a heavy emphasis on evangelism and widespread conversion of Jews with groups like Jews for Jesus - a sensitive subject in the Jewish community and fair enough given the history involved here. As believers, we're called to be peacemakers and also to form relationships where we can share our faith. Are you able to have close personal relationships with Jewish people who are not Messianic? What are those like? Are you ever concerned that self-identifying as a Messianic Jew versus just...

Full article: http://rachelheldevans.com/blog/ask-a-messianic-jew-response


Ask Umbra: How do I fight my city’s terrible litter problem?

Ask Umbra: How do I fight my city’s terrible li...

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Q. My city is littered with litter! It is all over the place. I try to pick up litter whenever I am outside, but I am only...