31 Jan '12, 2am

Mas é lógico que quando a blogueira gringa que amo resolve falar de alguma coisa brasileira, é da depilação BLEH

I’ve actually considered doing IPL, armpits, legs and vajayjay, because seriously, SUCH AN EFFIN’ NUISANCE! But like Gunila wrote, I’m also worried about it not working on fair/fine hair. I mean, yeah, thank God I’m not covered in coarse, black fur, but even if it’s rather light, it’s still hair, and wtf get oooooff meeeeeee!!!! TT^TT But! A question so personal that please, I don’t mean to offend, if it’s too much just ignore it: Are you completely bare down there? I just can’t decide whether I should remove EVERYTHING, or have a cute do, haha. A bit worried that it will look prepubescent if I have it all removed, and what if I change my mind, or if I get a boyfriend who doesn’t like the bare look? What do YOU think I should do with my lady parts? (Would you ever have guessed, 10 years ago, that one day strangers would ask you for advice about their kookas? haha) But I do...

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