29 Dec '13, 8am


I do not know the first hand account of what has happened but I truly feel that your actions are wrong and shameful.. how can you sleep with your best friend's boyfriend even while he was still together with your friend.. you said you would give anything to change the timing, you regretted not being the first to tell your friend the truth. So why did you hesitate telling her the brutal truth in the first place and instead took to twitter to post elusive and indirect tweets about the guy.. tweeting how you have found "an angel, a rare gem" and its so disgusting that you still didn't tell your friend when she saw your tweet and asked you who. Tweeting things like you wouldn't mind breaking your heart a thousand times just so you could "live in the white hot heat with the guy" isnt it quite obvious what attracts you to the guy is mostly lust and sexual desire? What makes it l...

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