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  • Cold cream is the stuff of beauty legends Will you stock up in your medicine cabinet?

    Skincare 101: 5 Uses for Cold Cream 29 Oct '12, 3pm

    Eye makeup remover: Scoop out a grape-sized amount of cold cream and using your fingers rub it in a circular motion over your eye. Then use a washcloth or a cotton ball and wipe the cold cream off. Your eyes will be squeaky clean, and there won’t be any product residue! Face wash: App...

  • Criminal son or slut daughter? 29 Oct '12, 12am

    Sorry for the long break in between this post and the previous, I blame it on the pregnancy. I'm blaming everything on the pregnancy while I still can, it is extremely convenient. No but seriously... I just came back from Tokyo and Taipei a week ago. The holiday was very kindly sponso...

  • Blogger @aimeesong strikes a chord between lux and laid-back in our Brocade 811's.

    Brocade for Fall 29 Oct '12, 11am

    Westward Leaning Mirrored Sunglasses

  • Astro On-The-Go breaks World Records three times over!: If you went to lately you’d have noti...

    Astro On-The-Go breaks World Records three times over! 29 Oct '12, 2am

    Astro On-The-Go breaks World Records three times over! October 29, 2012 1 Comment If you went to lately you’d have noticed something different. The top banner right under the navigation bar is now scroll-able to the right, and give it a try, scroll it right and keep going...

  • blogged. A Walk on Champ Elysees

    A Walk on Champ Elysees, Paris 29 Oct '12, 3am

    I've long developed a love-hate relationship with Paris. It's one of the most visited European cities in my travel history aside from London and yet I hate it with a passion. I hate the people. Love the history. Hate the smell. Love the pastry . Hate the egoist chefs. Love the archite...

  • Updated Blog: Natural & Eco Republic - organic products under one roof #Shopping #Beauty

    Natural & Eco Republic - organic products under one roof 29 Oct '12, 6am

    I've tried it and love the scent of roses as it reminds me of one of the spa in Bali - very relaxing. The lip balm is relatively good and I honestly prefer natural organic lip balm over those sold on counters in pharmacies, my lips always gets dried up easily so this helps me moisture...


    DESARU 29 Oct '12, 2pm

    That's all for the Desaru trip. Best part of the trip was trying out Jet Ski. After surfing in Australia, I reassured my huge phobia towards the sea. My poor boyfriend had to hear me scream into his ear everytime he tried to accelerate. I'm sucha mood killer. :/

    1. DESARU SOON 28 Oct '12, 12pm
  • The Sunsuper Ride to Conquer Cancer – Perth 2012

    The Sunsuper Ride to Conquer Cancer – Perth 2012 29 Oct '12, 1pm

    I arrived at the camp grounds ( actually the football oval in the town of Pinjarra) and it looked awesome! A HUGE thanks to all the volunteers and crew members whole gave up their time to make the whole event run smoothly. For example, all the tents were set up by kids from the local ...

  • Japan Day 3 - Hello Kitty land 29 Oct '12, 10pm

    Walking in. See who is like a boss. Wendy de walking posture is correct lah but facial expression fail. Cheesie look too happy to be the boss. Look at Audrey de confident face. HAHA. JIU SHI TA LE. Hahaha "I might have bad luck but i am still gonna enjoy Hello Kitty land" No, next sce...

  • QiuQiu

    QiuQiu 29 Oct '12, 10pm

    A very typical lady who LOVES to eat, sleep, shop and laugh. Somehow being typical makes me special becox i am Budget Barbie (where i be typical and buy the nicest things for the lowest price) and you can say i am not very smart but you cannot say i'm ugly, unless you wanna be a liar ...

  • HK Visuals 29 Oct '12, 8am

    New Arrivals + Studio Promotion

  • blogged! about hair and my almost surgery

    Hair we go! 29 Oct '12, 3am

    Ok Imma hijack this a bit and talk about something I’ve been considering for some time now – LASIK. I will go into more details later when I finally do it, but I was scheduled for LASIK surgery last Friday, so for two weeks before that I had to lay off contact lenses, as permeable sof...

  • A fashion post: Bright Lime 29 Oct '12, 10am

    A new blog post - just incase you missed it!… 0 minutes ago Photo: Sugarcane juice has to come in a white foamy cup!! Haha. If not… it just doesn’t taste the same…... 3 hours ago Sugarcane juice has to come in a white foamy cup!! Haha...

  • New outfit post! "Layers"

    Layers 29 Oct '12, 5pm

    I'm so excited for this cold weather! It finally gives me a chance to break into my winter staples. In the photos, I'm wearing a structured H&M jacket paired with laced ankle boots from Opening Ceremony. What is your favorite winter staple? Leave your comment and email in this post fo...

  • {New Blog Post} Help Portrait In Orange Farm: A day of giving back..

    Help Portrait In Orange Farm, Johannesburg 29 Oct '12, 3pm

    If you’re friends with me in Facebook (Add me HERE ), you would know that I’ve been battling with moodiness this week. I had contemplated between wine, meditation or a trip to the gun range for therapy. Haha.. In the end, what I really did was get my camera on my shoulders and go with...

  • Stephanie Lim: Malboro M-Scape VIP Lounge/Experience at Moto GP 2012.

    Marlboro M-Scape VIP Lounge/Experience at Moto GP 2012. 29 Oct '12, 6am

    I remember the whole experience. My rider was Randy himself, and he started of with a 'wheelie' and zoomed off on the straight stretch of road. I think, I screamed for the first three seconds and then gave up as the wind was really really strong. I remembered I held on tight *for my d...

  • @arnizaahmad

    Lucido-L Hair Make Supplement! 29 Oct '12, 3pm

    When I was in secondary school, I had my hair permed a few times. My gosh, i remember how drying my hair was and I never found the solution to it. I ended up chopping my locks off because I just couldn't manage it! Every morning I would wake up with not just big hair but also tangled ...

  • wow how she's changed @rumineely

    The fluff dress 29 Oct '12, 8am

    We went out to sushi at the most amazing coastal sunset view restaurant, gorged on ridiculously creative and delectable rolls and then met up with some friends at a bar by our house…the last weekend here before the big move, had to do it in style. I dressed up a tad more than usual fo...

  • Over the knee boots 29 Oct '12, 8am

    Denim shirt, secondhand. Leggings, F21. Bag and boots, vintage. Today: Tshirt, Urbn. Jeans, J Brand. Boots, vintage. Bag, Old Navy.

    1. Black Boots 31 Oct '12, 2am