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  • to the desert

    to the desert | fashiontoastfashiontoast: to the desert 14 Apr '11, 8pm

    I find it a really pretensious "music festival" i cant stand people that go to these things to just "look good" so i do hope you are going to appreciate the music...because if your not Rumi then your ticket could really have went elsewhere. Get in the crowd enjoy the music and have fu...

  • fashiontoastfashiontoast 14 Apr '11, 5am

    (Zara knit, J Brand 10" jeans , Mr. Kate necklace, Theory bag, Dolce and Gabbana wedges) It suddenly got so "cold" the past few days here in LA...I subsequently switched to giant sweater and jeans and literal effortless makeup mode. Obviously I'm not kidding around with the giantness,...

  • Falsies lash review,

    tummycake. life &beauty.: ES False Lashes - A008 Review + Pictures 14 Apr '11, 1am

    Sorry for the lack of commenting recently, I just got back to blogger. The false eye lashes look great on you and would be awesome for a night on the town. I agree that I would save the more dramatic kinds for night and not work. ^^

  • braided

    braided | fashiontoastfashiontoast: braided 13 Apr '11, 10pm

    Foley and Corinna linen sweater ) Recent acquisition from Planet Blue . There was no holding back on the braiding and tassels here, which are weighty and thick and therefore awesome. Did a quick check of what else the brand has available right now and fell in love with this sheer card...

  • new outfit post at the lyric cafe

    low key | fashiontoastfashiontoast: low key 13 Apr '11, 10pm

    (Zara knit, J Brand 10" jeans , Mr. Kate necklace, Theory bag, Dolce and Gabbana wedges) It suddenly got so "cold" the past few days here in LA...I subsequently switched to giant sweater and jeans and literal effortless makeup mode. Obviously I'm not kidding around with the giantness,...

  • Ok now go read my new sponsored post about making your chips stay crisp during zombie apocalypse wtf #fb » Blog Archive » When zombie apocalypse happens i want my chips to stay crisp. 13 Apr '11, 2am

    If i use a plastic bag i’ll think that a cute leatherback turtle just died because of me. Then when i buy a magazine, i realize i’ve just killed a jungle in Pahang, and there’s now less oxygen in the air, and i will live a short, sickly life in poor health. And during dinner time a bl...

  • Nicole Chocoa Heaven: Starbucks Madrid

    Starbucks Madrid 13 Apr '11, 1am

    Like Mcdonalds, I will always visit a Starbucks whenever I visit a new country. You know, just to check out what's new on their menu in that country. I spotted this in Starbucks in Madrid, Spain. I can't remember the name but it looks like Pot de Creme. Basically it's a pot of really ...

  • Giveaway of 10 Rachel K Lip Plumpers from @dweam (Pls

    Rachel K Cosmetics 12 Apr '11, 1am

    She launches several new revolutionary mineral products including this Mineral Colour Control Blemish Balm Pressed Powder (SGD$38) onto the market. A 4-in-1 make up foundation, a natural make up concealer, powder and SPF 15 protection, this pigment-rich powder protects skin with antio...

  • what's your favourite style on me. tell me!

    Dressing Up 11 Apr '11, 2am

    I haven’t had so much fun in a clothing store for a long time. Visited MNG in Mid Valley hoping to win myself RM2000 worth of Mango clothes AND a magazine shoot with the Style Up Yourself contest. You can join the contest at their participating outlets. You can find out the outlets an...

    1. My Favourite Animal. 10 Apr '11, 4am
  • Story Of Bing - My Favourite Animal.: [10 April 2011] He's very cute.. Read More>>

    My Favourite Animal. 10 Apr '11, 4am

    For years, we only saw sheep, cows and Cookie on a daily basis. Those were pretty much the most interesting animals one would get in New Zealand. When we moved to South Africa, I felt like we were thrown into a situation very much like Lion King , the movie. All of a sudden, we got to...

    1. Dressing Up 11 Apr '11, 2am
  • Blogged.

    Melissa Faith Yeo

    I'm not a fan of attending events, because I have a tendency to feel AND ACT like a fish outta the water - much less watch fashion shows (Victoria Secrets being the exception here!)... Especially fashion shows showcasing things that I won't wear! Staying in to watch How I Met Your Mot...


    Agri Velt | Expression of Style 09 Apr '11, 1am

    Sometimes even the best of buddies would encounter a huge clash in personality. We’re anything but as alike as two peas, and I heart her nevertheless. Because we’re so distinctly different, we complement each other ingeniously. All that aside, since I’m not in a lethargic mode, let’s ...

  • ♥ Underage-Girl 08 Apr '11, 2pm

    Why are you doing this? I've been seeing you work from morning to late afternoon, just for these small little cakes, how much are you selling them? Can you really earn that much money? Is it worth the effort?"

  • Join @dweam & other bloggers at Ganbatte Japan, a charity flea by @NuffnangSG to raise funds for Japan

    Ganbatte Japan! 08 Apr '11, 6am

    Japan known for its quirky, unique sense of style and beauty was sadly hit by a major tsunami and earthquake last month. Many lives and homes were unfortunately taken. Within that short period of time, we’ve all come to realise how lucky we are. But we couldnt sit back and do nothing....

  • Backorders are up! comes in sizes this time round, rmb to state your preferred size!

    thetinselrack: Backorders: MegaJoy Label Launch

    Do note that only PAID orders in the given format will be taken in. Payment verification will be done once BO closes, and a mass confirmation email will be sent! Do not mail me your orders because I won't be able to keep track of them! (: FORMAT OF ORDER PLEASE COMMENT IN THIS FORMAT ...

  • blogpost on Fashion Valet x Minz event @ T42! @vivyyusof

    Fashion Valet x Minz @ Tea Forty Two at KinkyBlueFairy 07 Apr '11, 6am

    The event was a collaboration between online Malaysian shopping website FashionValet.Net and local accessories design brand Minz . If you didn’t already know, Fashion Valet stocks pieces from various Malaysian designers/brands, so it’s a great one-stop portal for anyone in the world.

  • launched babes! (: spread the love!

    thetinselrack: MegaJoy Label Launch!

    We were more than thrilled when this dress arrived because it was love at first sight for us when we saw it on the runway! The version which we manufactured is definitely more wearable and casual, we love it so much that we kept both colours for ourselves! The material feels expensive...

  • F&F aside, I really like the new Gallo collection though via @joycethefairy

    Gallo SS11 Styling Comp. & Fashion Show @ Gardens Mid Valley at KinkyBlueFairy 06 Apr '11, 10am

    The first person that popped into my mind when i saw all the sheer polka dot pinks, sweet yellow ruffles and heart shapes was… Jezmine Blossom ! It’s SO HER STYLE. And that’s branding for you! I see cute animal prints, i think of Jezmine . I see little hearts and pleats, i think of

  • J.E.W. FTW!

    Jimmy Eat World Concert in Singapore | Health Tips, Fitness Advice, Beauty Reviews & Lifestyle Blog - 05 Apr '11, 6pm

    The crowd in the photo below actually looks a lot bigger than it actually was. I'm not complaining. I didn't get to stand in the front and center of the stage but I was close enough. I'd say there were probably only about less than 1000 fans who attended the concert which isn't surpri...

  • ♥ Underage-Girl 05 Apr '11, 8am

    Why are you doing this? I've been seeing you work from morning to late afternoon, just for these small little cakes, how much are you selling them? Can you really earn that much money? Is it worth the effort?"

  • michellequek on Xanga 05 Apr '11, 12am

    ♥ Travelling, Shopping, Starbucks, Good food, Fashion, Pretty dresses, Gambling, High stilettos, Art, Photography, Night walks, Beauty Sleep, Parties, Lounge music, Milk chocolates, Good reads, Blogging, Being loved, Picnics, Paranormal hunting, Cooking, Racing, Chiling, Dolling up, M...

  • 心情。越狱 | 22 @ Dasmond Koh

    心情。越狱 | 22 @ Dasmond Koh 04 Apr '11, 5pm

    这两天边忙着工作,边忙着整理心情。 为的是,想轻松地踏上即将展开的台湾之行。 虽然有些累,但把该处理的事情一件件完成,该完成的工作一庄庄搞定,心情是愉悦的。 想在明天之后,暂时放下这里的一切。 不管身边有多少人陪着,人最终,还是得回到自己,不是吗? 出走。 解放。 是一种歇息。 明天还有一天。 之后, 一切, 都会是回来后的事情。。。 看着这篇文字的你,也该趁机享受没有我的日子。 没有我的日子,是好?是坏?

  • How to Apply Fake Eyelashes

    How to Apply Fake Eyelashes 04 Apr '11, 1am

    I remember being asked in the initial stages of setting up this Singapore Beauty Blog how to apply fake eyelashes . Despite its popularity, it seemed applying false eyelashes can be really difficult if you dont know the basic how-to. I honestly dont remember where I learnt how to appl...

  • Story Of Bing - The Joys of Giving Back.: [3 April 2011] Giving back makes us happy too.. Read More>>

    The Joys of Giving Back. 02 Apr '11, 4pm

    We’re moving house and the packing, unpacking and cleaning is back breaking. Well, if I survive it, you’ll see me around here.. =) In the meantime, please hang in there with your donations. I will be contacting all of you who have emailed me. The target meet up dates are 28, 29 and 30...

  • .@JoannePeh nice to meet u! Your site looks great :) Let me know if I can do anything to help ur screenwriting pursuit

    A Jolly Affair | Musings of a young Singaporean actress – Joanne Peh 02 Apr '11, 2pm

    Under normal circumstances I tend not to comment on news articles about myself, but I feel I need to clarify a few points made in the Yahoo, TNP articles that were released yesterday. With regard to the Rose Chan feature film, nothing has been confirmed thus far. I have had a few meet...

  • QUOTE: "OSF23" and enjoy 10% off from all orders in the month of April! Don't miss this out! :) > READ:...

    Ohsofickle: The Everyday Store & Eragenre 02 Apr '11, 11am

    No updates for my online store this week but don't worry, if you needa shop, here are some pretty awesome sites...... 1. The Everyday Store The Everyday Life Store , a dainty online store which believe in simple and casual lifestyle living, sells simple, unique and affordable pieces h...

  • latest post - My Honeymoon desserts, first 5 commenters to state Karen's last name gets free RM 20 voucher!

    KY eats – My Honeymoon Desserts | KYspeaks 01 Apr '11, 2am

    Colorful granulated rice - I think this is a two in one type of deal where you get to have fruits and glutinous rice at the same time, main meal and dessert in one go, pretty good! Mango pudding – yet another mango dessert, this one without any ice, done rather well, and the paler col...

  • Here's how you can win a trip to Redang... All you have to do is share Win A Trip To Redang! | Health Tips, Fitness Advice, Beauty Reviews & Lifestyle Blog - 31 Mar '11, 2pm

    is an up and coming website started up in Malaysia that where you can discover new trends and fashion. It's a platform where you can find inspiration or share what inspires you in an online community. Share whatever that turns you on and discover new things along the way.

  • New post! Yun Nam Hair Care Review

    Yun Nam Hair Care Review 31 Mar '11, 1am

    For a beauty queen, hair is extra important. A full head of hair is one of the many beauty queen tips and secrets to always looking good. You wouldn’t normally associate a beauty queen with hair loss. It was because of this I never really paid much attention to the hair in the sink. W...

  • Leftblock's new collection isn't ready, but here's something you can order if you like shorts! @stitstit_chelle

    The trick is to pretend at KinkyBlueFairy 30 Mar '11, 6am

    These floral shorts are actually a side result of the new designs that Chelle and i have been working on for Leftblock ’s new collection. I say ’side result’ cos we end up being greedy and making extra clothes for ourselves that we don’t feel makes the cut for the proper collection. S...