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If you don’t you’re probably not old enough and I hate you wtf. Fat Her used to be a great collector of comics (I think we still have the original Archie comics from the 60s somewhere in the house!) and one of his favorites was Tintin. This was the first Tintin book I ever read. I think I was like seven and when I read it I wondered why it was so long (cos I was too used to Archie and Doraemon length stories). Then I wondered why the plot was so difficult to understand WTF. Now I know it was cos I was young and er not so clever. The Adventures of Tintin is a series of comic books starring Tintin and in every book there’s a mystery to solve. Some of the Tintin characters. If you haven’t been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of the new Tintin movie coming out soon! The Adventures of Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn! Directed by Steven Spielberg, story is based on thre...

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I remember a peafowl

I remember a peafowl

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This was the peafowl that I chased around in Kirstenbosch Gardens because I need to look at it very closely. I think it’s ...

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Its been a good half a year; the roughest & sweetest point of the start of a relationship. I must say that it feels like y...