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I love having a blog because sometimes we forget our life’s journey and there are just too many memories that it’s impossible to remember them all. I especially love writing about my pregnancy and its ups and downs because the body really goes through so much change. Don’t get me wrong, whenever I write about the downs, it’s not that I’m complaining. I’m just documenting it so my kids can read and be nice to me when they grow up. *peace sign* Wearing a top from Sister Margaritta from FV . (everything’s currently 30% off with this brand) I’m 9 months now. And you have nooooo idea how much I want to give birth like…. now now. Not just because I’m really excited to have Baby D in my arms and finally lie down on my stomach again, but I’m also really really tired. I feel extremely heavy and moving around is really a task. You guys know how much I love my phone right? Nowadays i...

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exo practically took up everything oMG “@ exolutetwelve : FUCKING CRYING LOOK AT SINGAPORE TRENDS RIGHT NOW

Dorr: Vietnam vets still victims: Becky Sager c...

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Becky Sager cries all night. She wonders how many years her battle with the Veterans Affairs Department is taking from her...