31 Jul '13, 3pm

Cuticle art exists??

Cuticle art exists??

I was browsing the Internet for nail inspiration the other day and came across something unexpected. No, it wasn’t a crazy new manicure or mind-blowing nail art ; it was… cuticle art . That’s right – this new art form goes beyond your nails (literally) and makes your cuticles the canvas. Check out the following diagram from Rad Nails : As the picture shows, cuticle art can actually extend past your nails onto your skin, staying in place similar to the way temporary tattoos do. I love creative nail art , but this idea definitely caught me off guard. What do you guys think - is it creative or does it look too doodle-y? Would you ever rock cuticle art? Sound off in the comments!

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@xjoyceyoon NOT soymilk lol

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