19 Jul '13, 6am

I just posted How China’s High-Tech Workers Blow Off Steam, read it here:

How China’s High-Tech Workers Blow Off Steam Posted on July 19, 2013 by WoAi An interesting insight into how the people that make your iPhones spend their leisure time. Tucked behind an open construction site, “Through the Summer,” as the nightspot is known, had it all on a recent Saturday night — plastic whistles, fruit plates, a toddler with a mohawk, counterfeit light sabers and a bawdy comedian who imbibed beer through his nose. This entry was posted in Business , Current Affairs , Nightlife . Bookmark the permalink .

Full article: http://blog.friday-nite.com/?p=6529


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High-Tech Gadgets for Pets

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China’s love of golf grows

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Steam Summer Sales: The Aftermath

Steam Summer Sales: The Aftermath

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