27 Apr '13, 8am

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been hit hard by wanderlust these days - i blame the internet for this. the constant feed on coachella pics, then the influx of sakura blossoms everywhere. my sister just flew to taiwan this morning and the folks are heading to hongkong in a few days' time, then they're leaving me again for scandinavia in June and not celebrating my birthday with me (pouts) and this friend is here and that friend is there and EVERYONE IS GOING EVERYWHERE BUT ME.

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missypixie.blogspot.com 02 May '13, 1pm

It's May. I have gotten the same bug as Sharmie. Everyone IS going everywhere BUT ME. -hugs sharms and cries pitiful tears...

Ben Blankenship describes his weekly mileage as "somewhere between Cam Levins and Justin Gatlin."

Ben Blankenship describes his weekly mileage as...

runnersworld.com 26 Apr '13, 3pm

He just doesn't know. For Ben Blankenship, not knowing is a full-time job right now. Has he escaped his past crippling inj...